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Shabelle Sugar Factory is a sugar processing and trading company. The company was founded in September 2018 and is based in Godey, Ethiopia.

Shabelle Sugar Factory operates as a subsidiary of Shabelle Group Inc. The refinery will be commissioned on May 2019 and construction will start in September 2019 and will officially be opened in August 2020.

Mission Statement
  • To supply the Ethiopian consumers, our customers, with top-quality, affordable branded sugar in partnership with our out-grower farmers.
  • To add value to the organization.
  • To generate and supply “green” power to Ethiopia.
  • To improve the prospects of the local community of South West Godey and the national economy of Ethiopia.
  • We will create the most successful sugar processing and trading company in Ethiopia.
Vision Statement
  • To provide high-quality sugar, securing long-term stability of price.
  • To promise of service excellence to our valued customers, from the largest manufacturer to the supermarket shopper.
factory workers

Key Strategies in Achieving Our Vision

  • Utilize Local Natural Resources
    • Ensure sustainable production with canes from nucleus estate and out-growers.
    • Develop and train our manpower.
    • Protect the environment.
    • Focus on cleaner production.
  • Contribute to the Development of Ethiopia
    • Increase production to 100,000 tons of sugar per annum.
    • Expand out-grower activities.
    • Train employees and out-growers.
    • Assist in the infrastructural development of South West Godey (e.g. hospitals, schools, etc.)
    • Drive wealth creation.
  • Develop Complementary Byproducts
    • Co-generation of electricity from bagasse, including sales to the grid.
    • Sweets and confectionery.
  • Build on Our Strengths
    • A legacy of principles.
    • Professional directors, management, staff, and services.
    • Loyal and dedicated workforce.
    • Outstanding business relationships worldwide.
  • Leverage Our Position in East & Horn of Africa
    • Be a low-cost regional producer of sugar.
    • Enhance our strengths by utilizing sound business practices.
    • Strengthen relationships with leading influential regional groups.
    • Develop new and vibrant liaisons.

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